Dishwasher Repair: Dishwasher Problems

No one enjoys cleaning dirty dishes by hand. Enter the dishwasher. This household appliance is one of the most popular and most convenient in all of America. You will find a dishwasher in almost every kitchen. Popular brands include Whirlpool, GE, Sears, Electrolux and LG. There are also several styles of dishwashers to choose from, according to The Spruce.

A high-quality dishwasher should last around 10 years or longer. “The lifetime of an appliance often depends upon how well an owner maintains it and if the appliance is being used properly,” according to Keith Reynolds, an expert in appliance repair in PlantationĀ Florida. The trend is for a dishwasher to start wearing down around 8-10 years after the initial installation. For some of the issues, a homeowner can repair on their own. For others, it will require the help of a neighborhood appliance repair service. has provided a list of some of the issues that most often occur on older residential dishwashers. For questions concerning our list or tips, please use our contact form or consult with an appliance repairman:


In general, a dishwasher is a loud appliance due to the amount of water that runs through it during its operating cycle. However, if you start to hear rattling noises or grinding coming from the appliance, odds are there is something wrong with the machine. We recommend inspecting the pump motor as well as the bearings and motor brushing. The pump motor is the likely cause of a rattle while the other parts could be worn and grinding.


As mentioned above, several gallons of water run through a dishwasher during its operating cycle. The water is needed to remove food and grime from plates, bowls, glasses and silverware and to rinse off detergent. Leaks are a major problem that need immediate attention. A likely cause is a worn door seal or a worn pump on the appliance. However, be sure to inspect the water inlet valve as well. To replace these parts, enlist the help of a professional appliance repair company.


If a dishwasher, or any appliance, won’t start or turn on, be sure it is plugged in. It’s not uncommon for an electrical cord to become loose over time and for it to need to be plugged in again. You should also inspect the circuit breaker box in your home and ensure no breakers are tripped. The parts on the dishwasher most often responsible for this problem are the timers, door latch switches, motor relay, electronic controls and thermal fuses.


If the dishes are still dirty after a cycle is complete, there could be a problem with the dishwasher. You will need to troubleshoot several parts of the appliance in order to determine the cause of this issue. The first parts to inspect are the spray arms and the housing gaskets. The filters and the water delivery tubes should also be inspected for signs of clogs or buildup preventing proper flow of water in the machine.


The dishwasher should fill with water during the start of the cycle and the cleaning and rinsing phases. Then, it should drain all of the water at the end of the cycle and prior to drying. If the dishwasher is not filling, we recommend looking at the float switch and the door switch on the appliance as well as the water inlet valve. If the dishwasher is not draining, the first part to inspect is the drain pump motor on the machine. The drain hose or timer could also be the source of the problem.



Dishwashers should dispense detergent during the washing cycle. The detergent is important to break down the food and grime on the dirty dishes. The bi-metal release on the dishwasher is the likely cause of this problem. You should determine if it can be repaired or if the part needs to be replaced. Replacement appliance parts can be bought from online distributors or installed by local repairmen. The other parts to inspect for this issue are the timer and the wax motor on the dishwasher.


If one of the problems above occurs and you do not feel comfortable attempting DIY dishwasher repair, it is best to call a professional appliance repair company immediately. It would be a shame to do further damage to an expensive appliance from DIY gone wrong. Here is a list of local companies we recommend. Find more in our directory:

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