Dryer Repair: Dryer Problems

The truth is that dryers are prone to problems. There are a lot of issues and malfunctions that occur over the lifetime of most dryers (see: repairclinic.com). An amateur handyman or repairman can fix several of the issues, however, there are some we recommend hiring a professional for. You don’t want to damage the dryer in the process of trying to repair it. The moment you are uncertain of how to proceed with a repair, stop and consult a local appliance repair company like Ideal Boston Appliance Repair.

Below is a list of some of the most common dryer problems. You can contact us or comment below with questions:


One of the first and most obvious signs of a broken dryer are loud noises coming from the machine. We recommend inspecting the bearings and seals and determining if the belt is worn or not. You should also see if the machine is stable on the floor or not. It is an easy repair to replace a worn-out, noisy part.


The first thing to do if a dryer won’t start is to be sure it is plugged in. The cord can become loose if the machine vibrates too much during operation. Then check if all of the circuit breakers are correct. If the machine is plugged in then the next places to look are the heating element, the high limit thermostat or the cycling thermostat.


You need extreme heat in order for a dryer to dry wet laundry. The first indication a dryer isn’t producing enough heat is if there are still wet clothes after a cycle. The common causes for low heat are fuses and heating elements. We recommend replacing each part if possible.


The opposite problem is if the dryer becomes far too hot. This could be a fire hazard if left ignored. The best course of action is to hire a dryer repair service. The repairman should be able to identify if there is a defective fuse or thermostat on the machine. You should also be certain to clean out the lint trap after every cycle to avoid fires.


The combination of heat and tumbling helps to dry wet clothes. A dryer that doesn’t tumble will be ineffective. You should inspect the belt and the switches. We recommend hiring a professional for any repair related to switches or control board malfunctions.


A dryer should 100% dry all clothes during the first cycle. If multiple cycles need to be run there is likely a problem with the coils, heating element or thermostats. You will find it is difficult to diagnose the cause of this dryer problem and you will want to consult a local repairman near you.


The dryer should turn off once a cycle is complete. If a dryer continues to run then it will need attention. You should first determine if there is a broken door switch or a broken timer. “The timer is located on the control board and should be inspected by a professional,” says Dennis Campbell, who runs a team offering appliance repair in Nampa. However, replacing a door switch can be an easy repair for a homeowner and parts can be ordered online.


The opposite problem is if a dryer shuts off too soon or before a cycle is complete. The causes for this issue are the same as a dryer that won’t shut off. You will need to discover if a door switch or timer is broken on the machine and then proceed with the repair accordingly.


You will need to determine if you are capable of completing the repair on your own. If you do not feel comfortable using the necessary tools or ordering the necessary parts, you should find a appliance repair service near your home capable of repairing the model and brand of dryer in your home. Ace Appliance Index recommends the following appliance repair companies for dryer repair. Find more in our USA directory:

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