Freezer Repair: Freezer Problems

A good residential freezer unit should last 10-15 years before problems start to occur – including GE and Kenmore brand appliances. This applies to both stand-alone and combo models. You will start to notice issues with freezers older than 15 years old. Some of these issues can be repaired easily. Others are not as easy and sometimes replacement should be considered. The moment you are unsure whether you can repair a freezer or not, it is time to stop and call a local appliance repair service for input or assistance.

Below is a list of some of the most common freezer problems. You can contact us or comment below with questions concerning the list:


Sometimes frost will build up inside of a chest freezer or combo unit. This can occur for three different reasons. These reasons are either a malfunctioning thermostat, door gasket or defrost timer. We recommend inspecting each to identify the culprit and then replacing the broken part with a new one from the hardware store.


The most common symptom of any type of broken appliance is loud noises coming from the machine. “In the case of a freezer, loud noises are often the result of a broken evaporator fan motor or evaporator fan blade,” says Bill Delton, Lead Technician Green Bay Appliance Repair. You will need to inspect these two components of the freezer and determine if either is the cause of the loud noises.


The immediate thing to do when a freezer or any appliance won’t start is to ensure the machine is plugged in. If so, then be sure all of the circuit breakers are switched on correctly. If neither is an issue then it is time to inspect the start relay, start capacitor or thermostat as these three appliance parts are typically the reason a freezer won’t start.


In the tip above, we mentioned some of the reasons a freezer won’t start. Here are some of the reasons a chest freezer will not stop running: temperature control, defrost timer and defrost thermostat. You can diagnose the cause of the issue with thorough inspection of each of these three freezer parts or enlist the help of a professional appliance repairman to do so.


Too much cold can be a bad thing, even for a freezer. The recommended temperature for a residential chest freezer or upper unit on a refrigerator is 0 degrees fahrenheit. The freezer should not continue to run once it has achieved that temperature. If it does, we recommend reviewing the thermostat, temperature control and user control on the appliance.


The worst problem a freezer can have is for it to be too warm. That defeats the entire purpose of the appliance. You will want to diagnose this issue ASAP or call on an appliance repair company for assistance. The parts to inspect first are the user control, the defrost timer and the thermostat on the freezer unit. The odds are that one of these parts is no longer working correctly.


The repairs above should be reserved for an experienced handyman or a professional repairman in your city or neighborhood. You need to hire a reputable service able to repair all common brands and models of freezers – including GE, Sears, LG, Whirlpool and more. Ace Appliance Repair Index recommends the following appliance repair companies for freezer repair. Find more here.

Green Bay Appliance Repair
Green Bay, WI
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First-Class Duluth Appliance Repair
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Tri-City Appliance Service
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Sentry South Appliance Parts & Service
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