Garbage Disposal Repair: Disposal Problems

People rely on their household appliances because of the unique jobs that they do. Unfortunately, like any machine, a household appliance is going to need to be repaired at some point or another, including your garbage disposal. This is where people believe that things get tricky, but that is far from the truth.

Many people underestimate their ability to take care of common issues that they may encounter with their garbage disposal without the help of a professional. “We’re always happy to help,” says Adam Pratt, who specializes in appliance repair in Deltona. “However, oftentimes, the homeowner can complete some of the repairs on their own.” Many of the common issues that can happen with your garbage disposal can be dealt with in as little as a half an hour and without having to call in a repair technician.

Below is a list of some of the most common issues and some ways that you can troubleshoot them in order to figure out what the problem is. Remember, there are going to be problems that are going to require the attention of a professional:


Like when dealing with any appliance that won’t turn on, you will need to check a couple of things before looking at the garbage disposal itself. Check the simple stuff first like making sure that the disposal is plugged in and that the corresponding circuit breaker isn’t turned off. You can then try hitting the “reset” button to see if that fixes the problem. After trying these three first, you can likely deduce that the problem is the probably the starter/stopper switch. A garbage disposal with a bad starter/stopper switch will also commonly turn off in the middle of working. You will need to replace the switch.


This is a common issue to encounter because of all the waste that goes through the garbage disposal. It may be caused by food or waste that has become stuck in the machine. If this is the case, just clean the debris out of the motor and blades with a tool. If this is not the case, your next course of action will be to replace the splash guards and stopper.


This is far more common than most people realize. It usually happens when food and other debris becomes clogged and caked within the garbage disposal. This buildup will cause the motor and/or the motor capacitor overheating from overwork to try and clear out all of the waste. You proceed by clearing out any waste that may be clogging it, flushing it with water, and then running the machine to see if the smell is still there. If it is, you may need to call in a professional to install a new one.


There are a few things that can cause loud or grinding noises including something solid falling in there, too much food in there, or loose and/or dull blades within the machine. Too much waste or something solid in there is an easy fix. If the problem is with the blades, this can be easily addressed. If they are loose, they are just going to need to be tightened up. If the blades are dull, you may likely need a new one because it is a sign of an old machine.


When the disposal is leaking or dripping, it is likely due to worn out seals or gaskets. If you remove the machine, all of these parts are easy to replace. This should take care of any leaks or dripping that you may be experiencing.


These may be easy fixes for some people, but it is ok if you feel that they are not going to be easy for you. If you are not confident enough to do these repairs, don’t hesitate to call in a professional to do it for you. If you doubt yourself at all, call in a professional because you want your garbage disposal to be fixed correctly. Find more in our directory:

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