Microwave Repair: Microwave Problems

The microwave is one of the most popular inventions in recent memory. Almost every home in America has a microwave in their kitchen to thaw food, prepare meals and heat leftovers. It’s a complicated and impressive appliance. The website explainthatstuff.com explains just how a microwave works.

A good microwave will last almost 10 years and sometimes longer. However, there are several issues that can occur on a microwave due to several small parts and electronics on the appliance. A homeowner can complete some of the repairs on their own, however, for more technical repair needs, aceapplianceco.com recommends reaching out to a local appliance repairman for assistance.

Below is a list of some of issues that can occur on a microwave. You can use our form to contact us with questions or call on the services of an appliance repair company:


The touchpad on a microwave serves to set the temperature and time necessary to cook or heat food. A microwave will not function correct if the touchpad is unresponsive or not working as it should. The touchpad is one of the more complicated parts of a microwave. The issues is likely related to either the membrane switch or the control board. We recommend having a nearby technician come and inspect the touchpad.


A microwave is a generally quiet appliance even when operating. That means that a loud or unusual noise coming from the appliance is a sign of a problem that needs attention. There are several causes of loud noises when it comes to microwaves. You will want to inspect the drive motor on the machine as well as the drive coupler and magnetron. The high voltage diode, roller guide and cooling fan are other parts to review.


We will cover two issues in this section. The first issue occurs when a microwave will not turn on. In the event a microwave doesn’t turn on, we recommend checking that the appliance is plugged in. You should also check that all of the circuit breakers are in the correct position. Then go on to inspect the ceramic fuse, door switch, door latch assembly and thermal fuse on the appliance.

The second issue is if the microwave will not turn off. This is less common but still a cause for concern and an issue that might require the attention of an appliance repairman. The reason for this problem is either the door interlock switch or the smart board on the microwave. If the smart board is the issue, it will need to be replaced by a reputable company able to complete such repairs.


A microwave that won’t heat is not a very useful microwave. The purpose of the appliance is to create intense and immediate heat able to warm or cook food and liquids. You will need to tend to this issue immediately in order to continue using the appliance. The first part to inspect is the high voltage diode. The next part is the door switch and then the magnetron. You can contact us with questions concerning this repair.


A microwave creates intense heat and therefore an exhaust fan is needed on the appliance. If this part of the microwave doesn’t work you might notice smoke coming from the machine and that becomes an immediate hazard. “You will want to inspect the charcoal filter and the grease filter on the appliance and be sure both are clear of grime and buildup,” according to Tim Nelson, a technician with over 10 years providing appliance repair in Bloomington. This repair is serious but also simple and can be completed by a homeowner.


There is a plastic or ceramic tray in the middle of the microwave that rotates to spread the heat evenly. The tray needs to turn in order for the microwave to operate correctly. If you notice the tray is stuck in place, then we recommend reviewing three different parts on the appliance: coupler, drive motor and roller guide. The odds are that one of these parts is no longer working and will need to be replaced in order for the tray to turn again.


You might not be comfortable with attempting to repair a microwave on your own. The appliance is expensive and it would be wise not to accidentally damage it during a DIY repair. In this case, aceappliancerepairco.com recommends calling a professional appliance repair service able to fix the microwave. Here are some services we recommend. Find more in our directory:

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